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In July of 2016, Tall Pines Distillery opened their doors. We are proud to be the first legal “moonshine distillery” in Somerset County since the prohibition.

Moonshining and bootlegging has a rich history in this area. Most of the old timers around here worked in the coal mines. But with the introduction of fuel fired furnaces, and electricity becoming readily available, the coal mines suffered, leaving many families struggling to survive. Moonshining was an easy way to make much needed money to keep the family alive. Corn and other grains were readily available. Sugar could easily be bought at the local general store……..And the rich city folk would pay a premium for some good ‘hooch’. For these men, making the illegal drink was justified.

The stories of these old moonshiners were captivating. How they would find a cold mountain stream, set up their stills, and live in the woods for weeks at a time. How the revenuers would hunt them down; the stories of crooked lawmen, gunfire, and murder.

In the mountains, along country roads, there were certain stumps and hollow trees where a ‘buyer’ could place his money and by the next day, a gallon of ‘mountain dew’ would magically take it’s place.

Much of this took place in the horse and buggy days. But soon, new methods of ‘bootlegging’ would appear. The trunk of a car was a good place to hide the goods. Cars could be built to go faster, and the shine runners knew exactly how to lose the law. The more sophisticated the engine, the faster it could go. Thanks to bootlegging, a new sport is born……… NASCAR!

Tall Pines is a legal distillery. No need for illegal bootlegging here! Nevertheless, the old stories are fascinating. So, when we were contacted by Kenny Hauk of Hauk Designs to help out with an episode of Road Hauks on the History channel, we jumped at the opportunity!

The BOOTLEGGER is awesome! A 2010 Camaro with an LS3 Engine and a Turbonetics turbo to boost the horses. Four wheel drive with 35’ x 12.5” Pit Bull Rocker tires. A Fox suspension gets the Bootlegger over any obstacle it encounters. The full steel roll cage, racing seats, and six point harness protect the driver. And what bootlegging machine would be complete without a built-in smoke screen through the custom Flowmaster exhaust. No need to worry about running at night, loaded with eight Vision-X Rally lights and custom HID projector headlights,you’ll look like sunshine haulin’ moonshine.

Look for the Bootlegger on the History Channel in August. Road Hauks’ new season will air. In the meantime you can see the “Bootlegger” in person at the distillery at 9224 Mason Dixon Hwy. in Salisbury, PA. You may want to call ahead to make sure it will be there. Bootlegger is out at times doing promotions for other car shows. Who knows? It may be coming to a location near you. We will be at SEMA in Las Vegas October 31 – November 3, 2017.

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